Custom Strength Programming

Does this sound like you…

You want to begin working out consistently but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’ve been trying random Instagram workouts but haven’t seen any real results.

Today’s online world of social media is filled with a bunch of Instagram swipe workouts that combine a bunch of cool looking movements. But these random workouts are not a substitute for a structured plan.

Working with a professional can help you build a solid foundation for lifting and set you up for success and physical autonomy for a lifetime.

I focus on establishing the basics. Teaching you about and programming basic lifts and movement patterns and building off those. This way you can lift, move and perform with less risk of injury, for life!

Why Coaching From a Licensed Physical Therapist

  1. Have you ever heard: Squatting is bad for your knees. Or how about deadlifts are bad for your back. No exercise is inherently BAD, however some movements may be better suited for where you are at currently in your training or recovery journey. Very rarely is it necessary to cut out an entire movement pattern or exercise. But rather we want to find the right modification for you at this time, and that is exactly what a physical therapist can do for you
  2. Physical therapists are trained extensively in both injury prevention and exercise modifications tailored towards people who may be recovering from an injury or returning to exercise for the first time post recovery