Denver Based Hybrid and In Person Physical Therapy

With years of practicing in the field I understand that physical therapy can sometimes be a bit misunderstood. My goal is to always deliver a custom unique experience that truly gets you back to the life you want be living.

If you’ve ever thought going to a clinic three times a week to lay on a table while a tech or assistance supervises you doing exercises was a waste of your time. Yeah, me too.

In my clinic I combine advanced hands on care with movements and exercises specific to you and your goals to get you better faster, return back to activity stronger and stay healthy for longer.

We take a super unique approach to treatment!

Many of my clients never come into the clinic more than once a week and see more success than they have had in previous rehab facilities. Why is this?

Because I actually spend an entire hour one on one with each client. In this hour we perform high quality hands on interventions like dry needling, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue massage (Graston technique) trigger point massage and manipulations as needed.

In between sessions clients are supported through my digital app where they will get video demonstrations of all exercises to perform and have the ability to send form check videos for review and check in with me for accountability and support throughout the week.

You’ll have access to a doctor of physical therapy 7 days a week to ask questions, receive guidance, and get clarity on what exactly you should be doing in between sessions

And then we go hybrid!

There is really no need to be in a clinic even 2-3x a week. But for my more advanced patients or patient’s who are starting to make some headway in their progress hybrid options are also available.

What does hybrid look like: The same as our unique traditional therapy model here at Rise Performance and PT! The only difference is as you evolve and see better results your frequency of needing to actually come into the office decreases. So we adapt with you!

Most hybrid clients are only coming in 1-2x a month for advanced hands on treatment at this point and are fully supported on the digital app during their time outside of being in the clinic. These client’s still get:

  • Individualized programming to help support their movement goals and exercise recommendations
  • Ability to submit form checks for feedback with movements and exercises
  • Consistent clear communication with a doctor of physical therapy
  • Ability to come in for hands on sessions as needed (so you’re not wasting your time and money)

This hybrid model is perfect for dedicated, driven and motivated active adults who want to see results fast! Save time and get better faster!