90% of adults will experience low back pain at some point in their life. Unfortunately, it’s likely not a matter of WHEN not IF these things will happen. And when they do, what will you do? How will you handle it? What are the next steps?

These are the exact questions I am going to cover inside of this virtual low back pain workshop

Does this sound like you?

  • Low back pain you can’t figure out. It’s confusing and feels like you’re going in circles
  • Getting stuck in this chronic pain cycle of on again off again pain, never finding any real long term solutions
  • You started having back pain and you have no idea if it’s actually serious or what the first steps are to move forward
  • Every time you try to workout or lift weights your pain comes back and you’re unsure of what is safe and what could be making your symptoms worse

If they overcame it, so can you!

Take my client Emily for example, she knew she needed to do something about her pain but wasn’t exactly sure what the best course of action would be.

Stretching, mobility work, strengthening?

She needed it to be simple, broken down into a plan where all she had to do was execute

Once Emily dove in and started taking action she began to feel so much lighter. Less daily aches and pains. Training and consistently increasing weights in the gym without fear that her pain would come back. She even started running for the first time in years without pain 

Imagine being able to crush it in the gym, feel your best AND add mileage to your runs every week without your pain popping back up 

Or like my client Felicia 

Who has two small children at home and when she first came to be she was having trouble doing everyday things like working, taking care of her home and even picking up and caring for her children without her low back pain flaring up 

Now she’s not only able to do all of that now pain free but she’s also been able to tolerate long car and plane rides without her pain flaring back up as well as consistently lifting heavier in the gym each month without her pain creeping back up on her 

It was possible for these clients of mine, and it’s also possible for you! 

I want to show you exactly how inside of this virtual workshop 

This workshop is hosted inside of my free facebook community once submitting the form you’ll be re-directed to my facebook community to join if you are not already a part of the community (email is collected to send out zoom link/replay if you cannot attend inside facebook or live with us on November 14th)

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