1:1 Private WhatsApp Coaching

Have you ever thought to yourself

“I wish I could just ask a physical therapist or expert this quick question”

A Different Type of Support!

This is like having a physical therapist on speed dial in your back pocket!

Traditional physical therapy can be so limiting with the access you have to your physical therapist. You see them once, maybe twice a week for 30-45 mins and outside of that you virtually have no contact with them.

This is for you if…

You don’t need a full rehab plan of care but want or need some guidance and direction around navigating movement, exercise, or fitness

1:1 private whatsapp coaching is perfect for the active adult or everyday athlete who just wants support while participating in the activities they love on a daily basis 

I’ll be your PT bestie on speed dial so you never have to turn to Dr. Google, wondering if you’re doing an exercise the right way, or scroll instagram for “mobility workouts” ever again