This program is about:

  • Learning how to move your body – and feeling confident in your body’s ability to move and be strong and be safe while doing so 
  • Discovering within yourself how movement (all types of movement) fits into your life – balancing fun with the fundamentals 
  • Its about truly bettering yourself as a person both on the inside and on the outside 
  • Its about feeling confident in your body and your body’s ability to support you through the activities you want to do in life 
  • For some its about breaking though stigma and statistics – maybe your parents and grandparents both struggled with high blood pressure, cholesterol diabetes and you don’t want that to be you 
  • Its about community and surrounding yourself with other like minded people that are also going to help uplift, motivate and push you to reaching your goals

This is for you if:

  • If you feel confused by all of the noise on social media and want a constant reliable person you can turn to, to learn from and ask questions to 
  • If you want to learn how to live the lifestyle of an everyday athlete learning the basics about nutrition, sleep, stress management as well as injury prevention, training, and how to take care of your body 
  • If you’re tired of being unhappy in your own body, worried about struggling with comorbidities in the future like high blood pressure or cholesterol or feel like you truly haven’t challenged or pushed yourself to be the person you know you can be 
  • If you’re ready to truly transform yourself and your life on both the inside and the outside then this program is for you

What do I get in this program?

Custom training

Train with intention with training blocks focused on strength, hypertrophy (increased muscle size), endurance and/or conditioning to help you reach your specific goals. All programming is specifically customized to your and your lifestyle and the equipment you have access to. Frequency, duration and time of workouts is custom to individual needs. Feel safe and confident while working to get results with programming written for you by a doctor of physical therapy.

Mobility Resource Library

Access to a full library of 5-10 minute mobility workouts that help you take care of your body, move better, recover better and optimize performance in the gym. Access to do whenever you’d like and will also include lifestyle sections like – mobility for desk workers, moms who might be carrying their babies all day, and even some sport specific warm ups/cool downs for those activities/sports you enjoy doing outside of the gym 

The Rise Resource Library

Resource library is full of information to help support your growth in things like nutrition, sleep, stress management, injury prevention, pain management because we know how big those things are for longevity of movement, optimizing performance and being the best version of yourself

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Check-ins/Support

You get around the clock support with text and audio message support from your coach 7 days a week to ask any questions you may have and provide support and accountability

Stay connected with your coach through weekly check in forms and video/audio feedback which help to keep you accountable and help guide any changes that need to be made throughout your time in the program.

Each month you get to hop on a 1:1 zoom call with your coach



Form Check Submissions

Never question if you’re doing an exercise the right way again. Send in form checks whenever you need support and feedback on if you’re doing an exercise the correct way

If you are interested in becoming an everyday athlete, transforming your life and being a part of this community where you are supported and surrounded by like minded individuals, click the link below, submit an application and lets hop on a call and chat more about your personal goals!