Why should you go cash based?

Have you ever:

  • Gone to physical therapy for one body part and they told you they can’t address anything else because you didn’t have script from a doctor for that 
  • Or felt like you spent most of your time working with an unlicensed professional (aide) instead of the licensed professional or doctor you’re paying to see
  • Maybe you never really got the time with your therapist you deserved and thus were left with a bunch of unanswered questions
  • Or maybe you are looking for a more holistic treatment option and want to learn more about how your nutrition, sleep or stress management plays a part in managing your pain 
  • Did you get discharged before you actually felt ready due to insurance limitations?

These things are NEVER an issue when you go cashed based!

What is included?

Support that is unmatched

Instead of only having contact with your therapist 1-2x a week. Dealing with the frustrations of feeling like you’re not being heard or your questions are being answered you’ll get 7 days a week access to me as your coach through text and audio messaging. This means you get to ask questions and feel 100% supported even when we aren’t directly face to face.

No more feeling confused or questioning if what you’re doing is actually right. You can submit unlimited form checks so you never have to question if you’re doing an exercise the right way again.

Programming that is 100% tailored to you

Cookie cutter programs will mostly likely get you some results (maybe feeling 60-70% better) but that’s not what we’re going for over here! My 1:1 clients get complete custom programs delivered to their training apps every week. I use your weekly check-ins, conversations and updates on progress to help tailor each weeks set of workouts specifically to you and where you’re at currently. This ensure’s you’re getting the BEST possible care and working on addressing your specific impairments so that you’ll be moving better, feeling stronger and lifting heavier in no time!

Learning knowledge and skills along the way

Have you ever, or do you know someone who’s ever left traditional physical therapy and then six months later they were right back where they started? I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you! I want to make sure you don’t need me the rest of your life. I want you to feel empowered to continue to uphold the progress we make together on your own when our time comes to an end.

I highly value teaching and educating my client’s along the way so that they’re gaining knowledge and understanding about how their body works and what their body needs in order to stay healthy and move pain free. By the time you’re done working with me you’ll feel confident being able to uphold the progress we’ve created together on your own.

The Features

1:1 weekly check ins

Monthly (or as needed) zoom calls with your coach

24/7 text and audio messaging with your coach

All-inclusive workouts that are programmed for you on a weekly basis and delivered via our training app

1 or 2 in-person hands on sessions per month (if local to Denver area)

Invitation to monthly community calls to learn about topics related to health and fitness

Imagine If…

You could walk into the gym and know exactly what to do, knowing you’re following a program that was specifically designed for you and your goals

You had your PT bestie in your back pocket ready to answer any questions you had – no more looking to Dr. Google

You were able to show up and perform better both in and out of the gym knowing you were doing everything you can do to keep your body moving pain for the long run

Hi, I'm Britni

Hi, I’m Britni

Dr. Britni Barber PT, DPT

Helping active adults navigate living an active lifestyle beyond their 20’s so they can enjoy all that life has to offer for as long as they desire!